华盛顿国民战胜伤病整个赛季冲他们可能票季后赛。 By the time the playoffs start, however, they may be down one key man.

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外野手布莱斯哈珀仍尚未清除运行截至9月接近。 The way manager Dusty Baker is telling it, Harper may not be able to do that for quite some time, according to MASN.

“(哈珀)是运行,这是打外场,跑垒长的路,”经理多灰尘的贝克说。 “I don’t know if he’s supposed to hit on it or not. I hate the thought of him not being around, but you’ve got to make those plans, whether you like it or not. Before we holler doomsday, we’ve got a month to go, and then we’ll see.”

也就是说,你可能已经猜到了,似乎是一个相当大的问题。 Harper’s初步诊断出现乐观。 He somehow avoided serious ligament or tendon damage after sliding across first base while trying to beat out a throw during an Aug. 12 game.

作为MASN片提到,哈珀的时间表进一步的事实,全国性的小联盟球队没能进入季后赛复杂。 Because of that, Harper won’t be able to play in minor-league rehab games once September rolls around. He’ll need to find other ways to simulate game action.

一旦哈珀可以跑,他就必须证明他可以使削减和幻灯片。 If he can do all that, he’ll need to find a way to get his bat back in midseason form. He hasn’t been able to take swings since the initial injury, so it would be tough for him to step in against Jake Arrieta and expect to produce.

考虑到哈珀的情况下,很容易作出比较,以芝加哥小熊队外野手凯尔·施瓦伯。 The 24-year-old returned for the World Series after a significant knee injury was supposed to keep him out for the entire season. He immediately became a key member of the offense, hitting .412 in five games.

布莱斯哈珀是在寻找一个时间紧迫,如果他想回到十月。 (AP Photo/Nick Wass)

虽然Schwarber才得以返回,并立即产生,他应被视为一个异常。 And while his injury was far more devastating, it’s worth noting Schwarber was至少慢跑在八月。 It’s also believed he tracked 1,000 pitches to get ready for the World Series.

所有这一切都仅仅是哈珀多少工作已经在他的前面,如果他希望能在国联分区系列发挥提醒。 It’s possible, sure, but it’s not going to be easy.

像Schwarber,哈珀并不需要在100%的,以使对国民的差异。 If he takes the field at 70 percent, he’ll still impact the game.

为了做到即使这样,不过,国民将需要确保他没有被太多会很快回来冒着严重的伤害。 Harper is only under contract with the team for one more year. The Nationals don’t want him to spend that season on the disabled list with a major injury.

在一个艰难的斑点这使团队和哈珀都为季后赛接近。 The Nationals’ window to win with him is closing rapidly. While there’s pressure on both sides to win the World Series, the risks could greatly outweigh the reward unless Harper starts making significant progress soon.


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